St. Louis Graduates advocates for state and federal policies that make post-secondary education accessible and affordable for students, especially those who who come from low-income communities, are first-generation, students of color and undocumented students.

St. Louis Graduates policy positions and actions are aligned with the student-led Active Advocacy Coalition and coordinated through an Advocacy Committee of the St. Louis Graduates Steering Committee.

Advocating for Equity and Affordability in Missouri Student Financial Aid

St. Louis Graduates was pleased to be invited to participate on the Missouri Student Financial Aid Policy Task Force convened by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education in March. The Task Force's recommendations were presented to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education in June 2018 and prioritized need-based aid and more equitable outcomes in higher education. 

The next step in the process was the convening of a State Student Financial Aid Committee comprised of financial aid professionals from institutions across the state. The Committee's charge was to present to CBHE recommended changes to state student aid programs reflecting the policy recommendations of the Task Force. The Committee released its draft recommendations and proposed changes in November.

St. Louis Graduates Advocacy Committee is disappointed the State Student Financial Aid Committee's recommendations and proposed Missouri First program outline released for comment in November do not reflect the policy task force's commitment to need-based aid and equity. Here is St. Louis Graduates' response to the proposed recommendations and program changes

Fair Warning

In 2018, as Missouri faced yet another year of potentially devastating cuts to the state's higher education budget, St. Louis Graduates convened partners in sending a clear message that continued budget cuts are bad policy for students and the state. 








Trusting young people to lead: The Active Advocacy Coalition

St. Louis Graduates' advocacy efforts support the work of the Active Advocacy Coalition, which engages Missouri college students in advocating for higher education policies that make college more accessible and more affordable. 

The Active Advocacy Coalition was recently recognized as a recipient of Focus St. Louis' What's Right with the Region Award!

Active Advocacy is 3! Read about its formation in a newly published case study.