Jazmin - A Helpful Hand

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 07:33

Jazmin Hoey

I am a graduate of Kirkwood Senior High School. I will be attending Southeast Missouri State University in the fall.

From the beginning the whole college thing was not my forte. I struggled with so many things because I didn’t know how to properly fill out paperwork for school. My sister referred me to this place and I am glad she did. I met with a rep from my school who my sister also knew which made it a lot easier to talk to him. He helped me out with whatever questions I had, especially about housing. I am a little scared of having a roommate I know absolutely nothing about but he gave me some faith that everything will be fine.

Looking ahead to college life makes my head spin because I have no clue what I am walking into. The High School to College Center helped me out in all aspects of surviving college. Their main idea is to definitely stay focused. The people in the Center are really sweet and there is never a question you have that they can’t answer. If they don’t have the answer the reps or the people who work there will make phone calls to make sure you get all you need before you exit the building. One of my friend’s parents said that they wished there was a place like this when they were growing up and I am glad I have one. I might have to make a stop by there just to thank them.

I have never met so many people willing to help out students with school questions. I had no idea that there was such a place. The fact that I can go somewhere and get help is really reassuring because I probably would not be starting school in the fall if it was not for this place. Thank you guys for all of your help. SEE YOU SOON!!!

Jazmin was the 100th student to visit the High School to College Center this summer!