Advocacy Alert: #StudentsOfMissouri

What is it like to be an undocumented student in Missouri? Read Alisson’s blog post

#StudentsOfMissouri is a campaign created by the League of Student Advocates and The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis calling on the Missouri legislature, leaders of Missouri’s colleges and universities, and the entire community to take immediate action to support today’s students. The idea of the “traditional” student is outdated, inadequate, and does not represent large numbers of students trying to go to college in Missouri. This year-long campaign aims to highlight the disconnect between who we think students are and what they need, and what students actually need to be successful. Missouri’s students are undocumented, require financial aid, some are student parents, some are urban, some are rural, some are 18 years old and right out of high school, while others are older. All are deserving of our state’s support.

April 2021 – Join St. Louis Graduates’ Advocacy Committee in advocating for tuition equity for undocumented students! The Missouri House has once again passed a higher education budget bill that includes language that would require public colleges and universities to charge undocumented students the highest possible tuition rate – double or triple what their peers graduating from the same Missouri high schools will pay for college. Use this toolkit to contact Missouri senators and ask them to remove this punitive language from the budget before it is passed in May.