What We Do

St. Louis Graduates works to make the postsecondary education system more equitable, so all students can benefit from education beyond high school.
Who We Are

St. Louis Graduates is a collaborative network of K-12 and higher education, youth serving non-profit organizations, business and philanthropy committed to eliminating equity gaps in degree attainment for low-income students and students of color while working toward a goal of 60% of adults with a high quality certificate or degree by 2025.


Steering Committee


St. Louis Graduates is proud to be designated as a Talent Hub by Lumina Foundation and Kresge Foundation.

St. Louis is one of 24 cities committed to eliminating deep disparities in educational outcomes for low-income students and students of color. The St. Louis Talent Hub is built around strategies identified in the Degrees with Less Debt research, including just-in-time academic supports and flexible financial aid. In addition to St. Louis Regional Chamber and St. Louis Community Foundation, five colleges are partners with St. Louis Graduates in the Talent Hub: Maryville University, Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO), University of Central Missouri (UCM), University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), and Webster University.

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Why It Matters

Two-thirds of all jobs require a certificate
or degree beyond high school.

There are significant disparities in who has the training and education to access well-paying jobs and career pathways.

In the St. Louis region, there is a
14-point gap

in degrees between
African Americans and the population overall.

Only 11%

of the lowest income students complete a degree compared to 58% of the population overall.