St. Louis Graduates advocates for state and federal policies that make post-secondary education accessible and affordable for students, especially those who face financial hardship. 

Testimony submitted to Missouri House Appropriations-Education Subcommittee outlines policies St. Louis Graduates supports.

Thanks to support from Deaconess Foundation, St. Louis Graduates this fall visited in district with leaders in the Missouri General Assembly who are focused on budget, appropriations and education policy. 


In December, St. Louis Graduates hosted its first Legislative Breakfast for members of the St. Louis regional delegation to share with them data on Missouri's degree completion status compared to the need for two-thirds of all workers to have a post-secondary credential or degree. Education policy interns from The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis shared how policies are falling short in supporting student academic preparation and access to financial resources to enable them to complete a degree, and how increasingly student debt is disproportionately carried by African American students.