Finding the Right Fit - Social/Emotional/Cultural Considerations

St. Louis Graduates Professional Development Institute

Finding the Right Postsecondary Fit - Social/Emotional/Cultural Considerations

This workshop took place on Friday, December 2nd.

Materials from this workshop:

About This Workshop:

Identifying a “best fit” college requires considering multiple factors – abilities, interests, social supports, finances, cultural identity, and life situation.  In this workshop, counselors will learn to use the My Fit Checklist tool to guide students in identifying colleges that meet their needs across multiple factors. Counselors will walk away with an understanding of the brain science behind the social/emotional development of students, and a practical tool to use in advising students as they identify the fit factors of greatest importance to their individual needs. Guest presenters, including current college students, will provide depth of understanding around supports available on campus and in the community for specific student needs, including learning disabilities, parenting, homelessness, and mental health. The session will culminate with an interactive discussion around building a community of cultural understanding and respect based on a model in place in Springfield, Missouri.


  • Christina Thaier, Counselor, School Counseling Program, College of Education, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Lyle Foster, Professor of Sociology, Missouri State University
  • Shenekia Weeks, Member Services & Professional Development, CharacterPlus, EducationPlus
  • Claire Martin, M.Ed., M.A., NCC, Student Assistance Specialist/Manager, Student Assistance Program-Counseling Department, St. Louis Community College – Meramec
  • Panel of students moderated by Debbie Greenberg, Director of College Counseling, College Bound

This workshop is made possible thanks to the Norman J. Stupp Foundation, Commerce Bank trustee. The Professional Development Institute is presented in partnership with EducationPlus. Thank you to St. Louis Community College for hosting this workshop.