In the St. Louis region, an adult with a bachelor’s degree has median earnings 40% higher than one with just a high school diploma and 17% higher than one with an associate’s degree.
     This site is for students—and those who support them—to facilitate getting ready, getting in and getting through postsecondary education. 

Early FAFSA is a policy change that works for students.
St. Louis Graduates Co-chair Alan Byrd, Jr. on supporting student transition from high school to college.
Need help with college plans? Come to the High School to College Center to meet with an experienced counselor. For free!
Free college counseling will return to the Delmar Loop in June and July.
The collaborator's serenity prayer is to have the "courage to change the things you cannot accept."
Last week, St. Louis hosted the national convening of Lumina Foundation's Community Partnership for Attainment network.
Have you heard about the High School to College Center on the radio? Tune in!
Student-led coalition will advocate for state and institutional policy
Wonder what the High School to College Center is like? Watch the video!
FAFSA now uses the FSA ID number instead of a PIN. Is your FAFSA up to date?